Workshop 2010
Workshop on Philosophy of / as Interdisciplinarity

Workshop, Sept 18 – 21, 2010

Philosophy of / as Interdisciplinarity Network (PIN-net)

Supported by the Udo Keller Stiftung Forum Humanum

Since the early 1970s, “interdisciplinarity" has become a popular label ascribed to innumerable research programs. Interdisciplinarity, however, poses many conceptual and practical problems. We will address these problems in this workshop. Our goal is to establish a long-term collaboration in an annual international and interdisciplinary conference.

The workshop is organized around an open discussion format, but in order to orient our discussion, we expect every participant to give what we are calling an "academic introduction" – a brief description of who you are, your research interests, and your ‘take’ on the following questions (max 15 min, with 10 min for subsequent discussion):

  1. What are major conceptual and practical problems of interdisciplinarity that you face in your research projects?
  2. What can philosophy contribute to an understanding of interdisciplinarity?
  3. What kind of new philosophical practice can we envision that will be shaped by interdisciplinary collaboration?


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 Topic area A: Philosophy as discipline and in the field


Robert Frodeman

The Dedisciplining of Philosophy

Nancy Tuana

Philosophy Unbound:  Revisioning the Praxis of Philosophy through Interdisciplinary Collaboration

Joel Isaac

Historical Perspectives on Philosophy and Interdisciplinarity: The American Scene, 1920-1960

 Topic area B: Philosophy of interdisciplinarity

Britt Holbrook

The Legitimacy of Interdisciplinarity

Stefan Artmann

Structural Science as a Medium of Interdisciplinarity: How Can Philosophy Contribute to Consilience?

Machiel Keestra

Establishing the joints of nature? Tasks of philosophy regarding interdisciplinary sciences' causal and theoretical pluralism

Matthias Herrgen

Anthropology between human self-description und self-design: Towards a new philosophy of biology?

 Topic area C: Interdisciplinarity in the real world

Paul Hirsch

A role for philosophy in disentangling interdisciplinary conversation

Hans Klein

The Interplay of Diverse Categories and Diverse Legitimacies in Networked Governance: The Case of the Internet

Karen Kastenhofer

What happens to interdisciplinarity when disciplines become extinct? On interdisciplinarity in a technoscientific context

Herbert Gerstberger

Aspects of interdisciplinarity in STEM-education and beyond